Tres Elegant

An upcoming Spy X Family Vintage Ads Zine!
New! Read our Mod Integrity Statement regarding our response to the recent events in the zine community
Current stage: CREATION PERIOD


Tres Elegant is a for-profit Spy X Family fanzine inspired by vintage ads.Although the series doesn't have a specific time period, the context places it around the 1960s. We are aiming to create a zine with ads for food, fashion, or other products featuring beloved SxF characters in the style of European/American ads in the Art Deco style that was popular starting in the 20th century! Writing pieces will include product reviews/endorsements by characters, interviews, and more! Check out our style guide moodboard for examples of the aesthetic we are aiming for!Special thanks to Glazed Moon (a Vintage Ads themed Genshin Impact Zine) for inspiring us with this theme! Their preorders are already closed, but keep an eye out for their leftover sales!


June 7 - 25Interest check
June 25 - July 9Mod applications
July 23 - September 6Contributor applications
September 21Contributor application results
September 28Contributor acceptance deadline
October 5Concept check in
October 23Check in 1
November 9Check in 2
November 30Check in 3
December 21Final submission deadline
TBDPreorders open

Note: Dates are subject to change


KAT (she/her)
Head & Social Media Mod
Hi I'm Kat and half my personality is struggling in uni! I'm one of the two co-head and social media mods for this zine. I'm looking forward to working with everyone!!Experience
Voyage: a Studio Ghibli Travel Zine [Head Mod]
Ad Lunam: a Space Themed JSHK Zine [Head/Social Media Mod]

CECI (she/her)
Head & Social Media Mod
Hi there, I'm Ceci, one of your head mods! I'm an artist and anime lover, and I'm so excited to be bringing this project to the SxF community <3Experience
Voyage: a Studio Ghibli Travel Zine [Head Mod]
Ad Lunam: a Space Themed JSHK Zine [Head/Social Media Mod]

NMLOPEZ (she/her)
Graphic Design Mod
Hi, I'm nmlopez! I'm a graphic design nerd who loves all things gaming and anime, and I fell in love with helping to make zines about them!Experience
Untamed: A FFXIV Creature Zine [Graphic Design Mod]
Humanity: A Tanjiro Kamado Fanzine [Graphic Design & Layout Mod]

JUNE (she/they)
Writing Mod
Hobby writer, literature & music double major, and Spy x Family enjoyer. I’m very excited to help bring Spy x Family’s elegance to life with this zine!Experience
The Great Turnabout! [Writing & Support Mod]
CODA [Writing Mod]
A New Trial Is In Session! [Writing Mod]
More info

EM (she/her)
Shipping & Production Mod
Hello hello, I'm Em, your production/shipping mod! I actually followed the SxF anime as it came out instead of waiting to binge it for once in my life! Looking forward to working with everyone on this project (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Experience
Of Contracts and Promises [Writer/Shipping Mod]
Twilight Sword [Shipping Mod]
Astralis [Shipping Mod]
More info

YUZU (they/them)
Finance Mod
Hiya I'm Yuzu! I love SxF a lot and have been following the manga before the anime!! I love vintage and fashion and I'm so excited to be here~!!Experience
Ad Lunam: a Space Themed JSHK Zine [Finance Mod]
HQ Kuroo Zine [Organization/Finance/Shipping Mod]
Hanako Hanafuda [Head/Finance/Shipping/Social Media Mod]
Log Pose One Piece Planner
And more!


Q: What is a zine?
A: A zine (or more specifically in this case, a fanzine) is a collection of art created by fans separate from the original creator.
Q: Will there be manga spoilers?
A: Yes! All anime and manga content will be allowed in this zine.
Q: Are ships allowed?
A: We will not be allowing romantic ships for this zine. You can choose to have characters interacting, but no explicit shipping (such as kissing) is allowed.
Q: Will the zine be SFW or NSFW?
A: We will not be allowing any NSFW works, as we intend this zine to be suitable for all ages. Since there will not be any shipping, sexual content is out of the question. Furthermore, graphic depictions of gore or violence are prohibited, though the contributors are allowed to include angst or mild violence in their works if they wish.
Q: Will there be international shipping?
A: Yes! Pricing will be released when pre orders begin.
Extra Note: Applicants who create or support offensive content (ie. racism, homophobia, explicit content of minors, etc.) will not be accepted. We are firm with our stance and will not be answering further questions on it. The Mod team also retains the right to dismiss contributors for violating any of the zine guidelines. These rules are put in place because our zine will also include minors as a part of our contributor team, and we have to ensure the safety of minors.Contributors
Q: How many contributors will be selected?
A: We are looking for: 25 page artists, 5 merch artists, and 6 writers
Note: in addition, we will be inviting 4 guest page artists, 1 guest cover artist, and 1 guest writer for a total of 42 contributors.
Q: What does the theme ‘vintage ads’ include?
A: Pieces should reflect the style of European/American ads in the Art Deco style that was popular in the 20th century! Check out our style guide moodboard for examples of the aesthetic we are looking for! Page and merch artists are not required to copy the realistic style of the pieces in the moodboard. Furthermore, we acknowledge that the implied time period of the show may connect to sensitive topics such as war, propaganda, and non-inclusive language. Contributors are prohibited from creating content that fall under those categories. More information on our creation rules will be available soon.
Q: Can I apply for more than one position?
A: Yes, but you can only be picked for one.
Q: What will writers be creating?
A: Currently, we are planning to have writing pieces include product reviews/endorsements by various characters, interviews, or other types of writing that you might find in a lifestyle magazine.
Q: Is traditional art accepted?
A: Yes, as long as you are able to scan your work in high quality/300 DPI.
Q: Will you be sending out rejection emails?
A: Yes! If you apply to be a contributor, we will contact you by email to let you know our decision.
Have more questions? Shoot us a dm on Twitter or Instagram or ask on our Retrospring! (all linked below)